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Today we continue with our study of expressions with the word BOTTOM.

Today’s expression is: to bottom out

Meaning: to stop getting worse.

Example 1:
According to some experts, the economic recession is finally beginning to show signs of bottoming out. Let’s hope it’s true!

Example 2:
All of his health problems seem to have bottomed out; they can’t get much worse and he’s actually feeling better. His wife is very pleased.

Today’s expression is: the bottom drops/falls out of something

Meaning: people stop buying or using the products of a particular industry.

Example 1:
With the current crisis, the bottom has fallen out of the travel market.

Example 2:
When they lost the game, the bottom fell out of their hopes to make the playoffs.

Today’s expression is: at bottom

Meaning: used to say what someone or something is really like; in reality.

Example 1:
Jealousy is, at bottom, a lack of self-confidence.

Example 2:
They knew at bottom that they were only deceiving themselves about the new CEO; he was just as bad, or worse, than the previous CEO.

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