Daily Vitamin

Good morning everyone. Today we look at another expression with «so» that is used in spoken English.

Today’s expression is: So what?

Meaning: used to show that you think that something is not important, especially after someone has criticized you for it.

Example 1:
I know that she is fifteen years younger than her husband. So what?

Example 2:
So what if nobody else agrees with us? If we believe in this strategic plan, I think we should try to convince the Board of Directors.

Over the years there have been quite a few songs published that revolve around the feeling expressed by «so what» (=I don’t care). There is the famous jazz tune by Miles Davis.

So What? (Miles Davis):

And more recently the pop song by Pink.

So What? (Pink):

There is also the punk song by the Anti-nowhere League, which was made famous by the Californian heavy-metal band, Metallica. Be warned that this song has explicit lyrics.

So What? (Metallica):

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